These are the 3 reasons Sarkodie has done Shatta Wale a favour

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CHECK ON: Sarkodie – My Advice (Shatta Wale Diss) (Official Video)

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Rapper Sarkodie has released a “diss track” titled Advice which is believed to be aimed at Shatta Wale. For anyone who has been studying the entertainment trends in Ghana in the last few weeks, the inference should not be difficult.

The praise for Sarkodie has come from far and wide. Artistes, actors and even social commentators have given kudos to the Tema rapper.

Many think the song is one to silence Shatta Wale. And maybe it is.

But argues that there are actually benefits of the song to Shatta Wale.

CHECK ON: Sarkodie – My Advice (Shatta Wale Diss) (Prod. By Nova)

1. Publicity for the upcoming album On October 13, Shatta Wale is set to release his third studio album.

The artiste has been doing a lot of media activities in promotion of awareness for the project he is calling “The Reign”.

With Sarkodie’s “diss track” coming at the time it did, it serves to put Shatta Wale in the news until the D-Day. And as they say in public relations, there is nothing like bad publicity.

2. Sarkodie’s has wisdom to share Apart from putting Shatta Wale in the headlines, Sarkodie actually made points that Shatta Wale would do well to listen to. For an artiste to have stayed on top as long as Sarkodie has done, it will be hard to say that there was nothing Shatta Wale could learn from him.

3. Shatta Wale needs a reality check Any entertainment observer in Ghana should be quite familiar with the persona of Shatta Wale.

Many would argue that his still is a mixture of overconfidence and a very high esteem of his talent.

As such, it would take someone of Sarkodie’s accomplishments to remind Shatta Wale he is not the best he might think he is.

Maybe, this competition will bring out the best in Shatta Wale. Competition brings out the best in the best.


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