C.H.A.D – The Bedroom Playlist (Full EP)

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Have you heard of the South African rapper, C.H.A.D? Raised in Cape Town, South Africa, C.H.A.D is a fast-rising multitalented rapper. In C.H.A.D’s own words, “Music will always be a part of me. Passion before money. Dreams never die. Never a failure, always a lesson.”

2khingz ft Riya – Show Me ↓↓↓

C.H.A.D was recently named the “Artist of the Month” by Publiseer, one of the largest digital content distribution platforms in Africa. The “Artist of the Month” rapper recently released his EP titled “The Bedroom Playlist”.

This 6-track 18-minute-long EP is what you need to get your day starting on a high note! So, if you haven’t listened to it, you need to right now.

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