I owe Delay no apology – Lyrical Joe states

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Young Ghanaian rapper Lyrical Joe has said that he owes Delay no explanation for including her in the conflict between himself and Amerado.

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Recall that a few weeks ago, Delay was drawn into a poetic fight between Lyrical Joe and Amerado in which Delay was the aggressor.

Lyrical After dropping the statement, “you mess up your blessings till you stop sleeping with your Mums, kissing your Mums,” Joe brought TV Presenter Delay into the argument. This was in response to rumors that Amerado and Delay were together, despite the TV host’s denials.

In an interview with ZionFeliz, Lyrical Joe stated that he does not owe Delay any form of apology for dragging her into the beef with Amerado.

According to theyoung rapper, he involved Delay because Amerado dragged his parents into the beefs which were not supposed to be so hence took the beef personally.

He explained that he dragged Delay into the beef because, at that time, she was one of the closest friends of Amerado and reports of their alleged relationship were everywhere.

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