I want to have a joint album with Strongman – Teephlow

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Rapper Teephlow and Strongman are not the best of friends taking into consideration their recent lyrical war. Regardless, Teephlow wants to act mature by calling on his arch-rival to squash their beef and work on a project.

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Speaking to NYDJ of Kumasi-based YFM fame, Teephlow said he desires to work on a joint album with Strongman someday. He argued that they are the best rappers in Ghana currently.

“I actually have a collaboration with Strongman, but it was like a regional thing I did…I had this song that was one of the songs that projected me into the limelight. The titled is Brother; it was really big in the Central and Western regions.

So I was trying to explode it and I pick people from other regions and Strongman was the one I picked from the Ashanti Region. What we did was dope…but then I think people are mainly looking for a rap song and I am all for it…if we are to meet at the studio and do it today I am ready,” he stated.

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