I will agree to a 1-night stand with Shatta Wale – Rosemond Brown

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Actress Rosemond Brown has indicated her willingness to have a one-night stand with Dancehall stalwart, Shatta Wale.

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According to Rosemond, if Shatta Wale ever approaches her for any such thing, she will not hesitate to give in at all.

Speaking in an interview with VNTV, Rosemond pointed out that having a one-night stand with Shatta Wale should not be a big deal because it is a normal trend these days.

“If one-night stand yes. This is no news, it’s happening everywhere, anything can happen,” she said in response to a question on whether she would like to have something to do with Shatta Wale.

Rosemond Brown seems to have deep feelings for Shatta Wale who is currently going through a breakup in his relationship with Shatta Michy.

When news broke that Shatta Wale and Michy were having some troubles, Rosemond came out to threaten that she would snatch Wale from Michy’s hands.

Later, Rosemond denounced her interest in Shatta Wale after he failed to wish Michy well on her birthday.

The actress even went further to describe Shatta Wale as wicked and heartless.

It, therefore, comes as a big surprise to hear Rosemond admitting that she would not hesitate to sleep with Shatta Wale, the same person she chastised just recently.

But that is Rosemond for you arguably the most controversial entertainment personality within the last two months.

From attending the 2018 VGMAs in an almost naked dress and kissing a fan whom she claims she did not know to granting interviews and making all kinds of contentious statements, she has been all over the place, in KOD’s words.

And this, definitely, is not too much for the mother of one to say.

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