Kwaw Kese announces return of reality show ‘KwawKese 4 Real’

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Rapper KwawKwese has announced the possible return of his reality show “KwawKese 4 Real”.

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The rapper launched a reality show last year to show his daily activities especially the places he goes and the time he spends to do music. This according to him is to let the fans know the kind of energy he puts into doing what he does best.

After 3 episodes, the show was put on hold but there was no press release or explanation and many have been wondering what was going on behind the scene.

Kwaw kesse told Doreen Avio in an interview that the production has been brought to a halt at the moment due to a few challenges on the side of his director but promised that they will finish the other episodes.

“We paused with the production for now, the director has other businesses he is taking care of but you know we brought episode 1,2 and 3, we will definitely come back with the rest of the episodes” he said.rom the previous episodes was great

He also told Doreen that the feedback was great and promised the next episodes will be bigger and better.

“Its something different, something no artiste has done, the numbers showed when we released it and i believe people liked it that was why they were following, we will bring it back, people should watch out Kwaw Kesse 4real unplugged” he said.

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