LYRICS: Kay-L x Ezadus – Blow

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Kay-L x Ezadus - Blow (Prod. By Badu)

AUDIO Kay-L x Ezadus – Blow (Prod. By Badu)

Skarecrow - Scratch N' Win Ft. Kopow 👇👇👇

INTRO- KayL + Ezadus
Yeeeyiyeee ee
(Ezadus right here)
Kelvin Lililili eeey
See life no be eeeeasy
Y3nkc 33

Abi young blackboi wey dey try live life happily oo ee
Abusua a mefiri mu chaley eno good for the family oo ee
So ah dey hustle every day and night, searching for the kwacha, for the dollar see I pray and fight
Harder we dey go, chaley we dey make it flow
Ahemakye y3nna mpo o y3si PC akyi p3 dough
E no easy to make am
But we still keep pressing forward with some prayeeeeer
Make u go on never give up chaley u go make aaaaam
Dane Kwame Nkrumah; forward ever backwards never
Kcno bckcbckc wode wom a wonsa b3ka
Cky3ade nyame no b3ky3 ama wanya woky3fa
Chaley God dey wanna life go dey better, yes sir!
I wake up in the morning then I pray to the lord almightyyy
Come gimmie some coins for my pocket ah dey hungryyy

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Obraaaaaa Obraaaaaa
3ne woara wobc ooo 5x

VERSE- Ezadus
Dem dey hate dem dey wander
Tell em say Baba God dey conquer
Mabom aky3 nti mep3 answer
Adwendwen nti daa metwe ganja oo
Odi manim odi makyiii enemies just dey play play play oo ee
Wop3 me downfall Kwadwo ah sure say you dey cray cray craze oo ee
Eh, Lord make ah blow
Fis3 obiaa hyia me a cse memma dough
Meny3 World Bank, how ah go sort dem all
I wan Dangote money nti na mesufr3 wo yi oo
(Nyame mep3 dough)
That ting oooo eeeey, Daddy gimmie that ting oooo eeey
Big money mame nnibi oo ee
Mep3 ak3ses3m nti mame ny3 bi oo ee 2x

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Obraaaaaa Obraaaaaa
3ne woara wobc ooo 5x


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