Masicka – Top Tier Ft Skillibeng (Official Video)

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Official Music Video for “Top Tier” by Masicka feat Skillibeng

Skarecrow - Scratch N' Win Ft. Kopow 👇👇👇

Produced by Eastsyde Records, Genahsyde, 1Syde Records


Clap di ‘matic, mek it blast
Know di life and weh it cost (Pow)
2020 vision, mi see through di Gucci glass (Yeah)
Pussy dem nuh real, nuh tell dem remove di mask
Ah games dem ah play, but dem cyan fool di boss
Jump inna di Porsche and touch di pedal, mek it blast
Dem know we have di metal, likkle Busta, we nuh soft (Yeah)
From yuh diss di link, guess who ah di dead fast (Brrt)
Uzi nyam yuh dinner, Glock ah nyam yuh breakfast
Ah we inna di sky when yuh see di jet pass (Yeah)
One-eight-seven, every gyal ah step cross
Big Body Benz, wi nuh watch e exhaust (Boom)
Gunshot, mek anybody ex off
One-eight-seven, stack di money
Nuh stop it, we guh stack it again
Clap di ‘matic, mi clap it, mi wi’ clap it again
Big Body Benz, pull up inna di traffic mi friend
One-eight-seven, 1syde

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