Myopic And Imbecile Lifestyle Of Some So Called ‘Nzema Artist’

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Myopic and imbecile lifestyle of some so called 'Nzema Artist'

I was so sad to wake up this morning only to realise my name (DJ WAZZY) being speculated all over different platforms that I am the cause and downfall of one Nzema artist, not any other person like G_seed.

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And what saddens me most is a blogger who had time to write and cook a poor grammatical errors just to blast fame me.

Human being shall always remain human and ungratefulness, unfaithfulness, unprofessional and many more deviant behaviour shall remain our portion and G_seed is one, I stand tall to that.

G_seed’s credibility as a musician is in doubt and i repeat he is not a professional artist.

I DJ wazzy owns no allegiance to no artist here in Nzemaland, my ultimate dream is to uplift the good and hiding talent, image of better artist here in Nzemaland, but never will I ever have in mind to ‘sabotage’ any of them as stated in his line of attack.

I have no personal issues with G_seed and I don’t remember authoring a word any where just to bring him down as an artist, he has his own personal interest and to my studies I think he just won’t to gain attention in the public domain as he knows no one recognizes him as an artist but a noise maker in the industry here in Nzemaland.

If one could do me good to kindly ask G_seed where I went wrong for him to just explain so I can pinpoint my mistakes and ask for corrections and if any apology I did ‘No’ wrong to him on that faithful day at Nuba as he stated in his grammatical incubation, I was with my junior Dj (Scott more) so I can perhaps leave the machine for him anytime I want, so if I leave the machine for him at your turn does that mean am sabotaging you? we host you in our studio anytime we want to do so, when was the last time you write on your Facebook page to give thank or even appreciate us for that?

Yes I do accept is one of the thing that can help you to gain fame but at least he (G_seed) needs to inform me secretly for us to keep the ball rolling not to start with his own imbecile style.

I have no comments for now but mind him if he brings on board I will never hesitate to do same but if he thinks I am going to help him embrace attention in this industry on my show then it a lie I deem it with much sorry to tell him heal NO!

I DJ wazzy will continued to support the good once who do better music and and to toil my blood for them, and G_seed please I know you have favorite artist here in Nzema whom you are highly aware can do better than your usual noise bring them on board and I will help them free of charge, you claim you ever fed me ‘For the where’?

Do you really understand feeding? So are you trying to tell me that when one render a service to you and you buy food or gives the person money means you’ve fed the person? Waoo my brother come again.

Am sorry readers for my actions but he called for it.

I know that the best way to answer a fool is to keep quite but please forgive me I couldn’t take your advice anymore.

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Columnist: Dj Wazzy

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