Shatta Wale’s $1 million mansion costs less than $200k, he’s been chopping wife of Big man & More – Pope Skinny Exposes More Secrets (Screenshots)

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And Pope is on fire, spilling all of Wale’s beans on Snapchat. Before their unfortunate fallout, Pope Skinny was Shatta Wale’s right-hand man and they even had songs together.

Well, they are no longer friends, and Pope Skinny decided to also reveal secrets of Wale as a means of protecting his image when the latter posted on Snapchat that, he gave him $10k to help him buy his Benz and that he also raped some girl in the past.

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In the latest Snapchat Expose, Pope Skinny has revealed that, Shatta Wale’s mansion which he claims to have bought for $1 million costs less than $200,000 and that it was even gifted to him by a political party for using his song.

Pope Skinny who labeled Shatta Wale as a braggart, continued to say that, most of the things Shatta Wale brags about were gifts from people and that his own house he’s building is still uncompleted because he does not have funds to do and it’s been 7 years since he started working on it.

He added that most of Wale’s cars are from Togo ( The Togolese don’t pay for duty on cars, so it’s cheaper to buy cars there than to do so in Ghana).

The craziest one from Pope Skinny is his claim that Shatta Wale has been sleeping with one married woman of a popular Hearts of Lion boss.

See the screenshots below:

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