Stop Producing Demo Tracks For Underground Artistes Volta Sound Engineer – Mikey Joe

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Mikey Joe

Mikey Joe is a Ghanaian born artiste. Speaking at a live interview hosted by DJ Banzy on Light 101.1 FM at Denu in the Ketu South District in the Volta region of Ghana during the Sunday Special programme. He has pin pointed on one of the major contributing factors to the downfall and low patronage of Volta music worldwide.

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In his attempt to answer one of the questions posed by the host DJ Banzy, “AS AN ARTISTE, IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE IN THE VOLTA MUSIC INDUSTRY? The answer to this question reflected on an already problem he was going crazy over. He lamented on how the underground artistes uses advantages of technological advancement to degrade Volta made music in the name of promoting themselves and their brands.

Going further to query him, he disclosed to the public about the remedies and necessary actions to combat the horrifying problem.

This is what the star said, “a demo track is a song recorded for reference use rather than for general public release. A demo is a way for a musician or an artiste to approximate their ideas in a fixed format. Musician or artistes often use demos as a quick sketches or draft/frameworks to share with band mates or record label.

I don’t understand why an underground musician or artistes who’s still striving to get the exposure be hyping his demos rather than keeping it underground and work on it better to enable him or her get an interest group to produce and manage him.

This is not the way we go about it.

Remember that, because of technological advancement today, anytime they upload this to the internet and start hyping it. It goes viral, people gets to know that artiste, the producer (engineer), and the studio source of production.

When this happens, it lays a dirty tag on that artiste, producer (engineer), and the studio in which the song was produced. And it generally affect the rest of Volta musicians/artistes, Volta producers, and Volta studios respectively.

In the sense that, anytime music is produced by such producers and studios people will not be ready to listen. Just even seeing the names of such producers on the song alone will provoke someone not to even try downloading it. Meanwhile, a good and mastered music is done this time around by same producers.

Please and please, Volta underground musicians/artistes should have patience to organise themselves very well before coming out with any piece of work.

How would you feel after spending a huge amount of money to produce a song, and realised that people are not interested in your song because of this problem?

But I hope it interests you a lot to listen to fresh music released by some particular artistes and producers in both Ghana and abroad. Don’t you?

In fact, to help solve this problem I suggest if the government can take initiative to amend and implement the policy of giving a licence to sound engineers and recording studios”.

That was what he said in reply to the question.

Indeed, Mikey Joe’s view is a very delicate key issue we and Volta as a whole must come together and combat as far as music is concerned.

Adding to that, Volta underground artistes kill their talents a lot when they do this. They’ll end up not getting a producer and manager to manage them.

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