VIDEO: Burna Boy – “23”

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If you understand the lyrics of this song, it would easily be your favorite. There’s a reason why many Nigerians choose this song as their Number 1. It’s because it’s so rich in meaning. It’s not made to make you dance. It’s poetry made to give you purpose, motivate you and make you claim your place PROUDLY. It exudes that proud Nigerian ‘Can Do’ Spirit against all odds.

2khingz ft Riya – Show Me ↓↓↓

Burna is a typical confident Nigerian. We fear no one. We believe in ourselves. He likens his prowess on the Mic to Michael Jordans prowess on the court. He narrates that even though he had a lot of doubters, he focuses on his craft and does his thing. He says he will never pretend like he doesn’t deserve it, because he does and he makes no apologies and fears no one. There’s a lot of nuance that can only be understood in context if you are a Nigerian.

This is one of my greatest songs Ever

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