‘You’re old, but none of your songs are sensible,’ Sheldon says to Shatta Wale.

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Kwadwo Sheldon, a popular YouTube blogger and social media marketer, has once again attacked Shatta Wale.

2khingz ft Riya – Show Me ↓↓↓

Shatta Wae was labeled as an un-serious artiste and a local champion in the first round of confrontations by Kwadwo Sheldon.

He claims that Shatta Wale will never be recognized by the Grammy Recording Academy, despite songs like “Hajia Bintu.”

This came after Shatta cited Kwadwo Sheldon’s popular YouTube shows ‘Yawa of the Day’ and ‘Breakdown’ as one of the reasons why the industry isn’t moving forward in response to some attacks from Ghanaians following Burna Boy and Wizkid’s Grammy Award win.

The dancehall artist claimed that Sheldon’s constant trashing of musicians on his show has contributed to Ghanaian artists’ international demise and non-recognition.

However, in a new twist, the blogger has launched new attacks on the dancehall artiste, claiming that he is only interested in trashy songs.

Shatta’s songs, according to Sheldon, are full of noise with no message.

“At this age, all we hear in your songs is ‘wo maame’, ‘wo maame,’ and ‘ke kpu ke kpaa.’ You’re 75 years old, but none of your songs make sense. If I have a show called Yawa of the Day at my age and you have useless songs, then we are the same. When are you going to make some sensible songs? When will we have appropriate songs to compete for Grammys?” He questioned

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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